We flew to Bermuda on May 7th 2013

We're fying via London Gatwick. Total travel time is about 12 hours of which we spend about 7 actually on a plane.

It is about 5 hours earlier in Bermuda then it is in Amsterdam. Chuckie's family picked us op around 8 pm (his mom Rosane with her Brion, his tia Roseli, his uncle  David and his cousin Max) and they gave us pizza and wine before we almost fell asleep at the table. Because of the time difference it felt like 2 am for us. 

The time difference also meant that we were wide awake around 4 in the morning, but this didn't stop us from enjoying the east side of the island and the beautiful house we were staying in.

Lenny only had a week to prepare for his new job and he focused on finding a means of transportation first. We also viewed a few potential rental properties in the search of our own apartment. 

Roseli and David's house has a gorgeous view and has water access. We went swimming, snorkling and kayakking here a couple of times. The weather in May is not too hot yet, about 20 degrees Celsius, and for most Bermudians the water is too cold to swim in. I found it a wonderful water temperature and jumped in whenever I had the chance.

We visited a lot of Chuckie's friends and family in these first few weeks and his mom and tia (portugees for aunt) would keep me busy whenever Chuckie was at work.

Cousin Max volunteers at the Zoo/Aquarium together with his paternal grandmother Sue. He has an insane amount of knowledge of the sea and anything you can find in it for a 14 year old. He is very passionate about our planet and all its living things. He was nice enough to share this passion of his by taking us to the zoo in the first week we were there.

Uncle David's father is called Carl and he is married to Sue. Carl's brother and therefore also David's uncle is called Morris and lives next door to Roseli and David with his wife Lynda. Lynda and Roseli are great friends and ever since I've met Lynda while doing a puzzle I'm nuts about her too!

Lynda and Morris have a son called  Matthew who was born blind, but has never let this stop him or hold him back in any way. Quite the opposite actually. He speaks four languages, works as a corporate lawyer in England, plays the guitar and writes his own music. He is engaged to a Moslima and is therefor converting to the Moslim faith.

Bermuda Day 24 mei
Stef's wedding 25 mei
Naar appartement op 29 mei
Terug naar NL op vrijdag 7 juni
terug naar Bermuda op 25 juni
Cup Match 1 & 2 augustus (emancipation day and sommers day)
mama en Joanne naar Bermuda op 7 september
Definitief naar huis op 21 september
Totaal meer dan ongeveer vier maanden in Bermuda gewoond



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